The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.
— Coretta Scott King

STATED "Commitments to Impact"
DECEMBER 4, 2018


  • 12 Commitments

  • 23 countries

  • Potential Impact: 12.6M people

“We commit to leveraging our blockchain technology to include one million unbanked migrants and refugees in Latin America into the global economy by 2020.” —Oscar Garcia, CEO, Uulala

“We commit €30 million to catalyze and support 1,500 refugee-founded/run businesses in Italy by 2020.” —Elena Casolari, Founder & CEO, Opes Fund

“We commit to launching a $1bn ‘Fund For Rain’ to prevent forced displacement by bringing rain to 13 countries in Africa, through the Weathertec Technology.” —Klaus-Michael Christensen, Swiss Impact Investment Association

“We commit to providing custom, biometric, waterproof smartphones, basic data and connectivity to partner resources to 10 million displaced and deprived individuals by 2020.” —Emad Mostaque, Founder & CEO, Symmitree

“We commit to providing the financial support to Symmitree to fulfill its commitment to provide custom, biometric, waterproof smartphones, basic data and connectivity to partner resources to 10 million displaced and deprived individuals by 2020.”  —Charles Kim, Co-Founder, Extol Capital

“We commit to funding the first Chief Innovation Officer for the Jesuit Refugee Service.” —Oscar Garcia, CEO, Uulala

“We commit to providing each of the top 15 companies in The Laudato si Challenge with $40,000 in AWS promotional credits and technical support to help these entrepreneurs scale their solutions in the cloud.” —David Levy, VP, US Government and Non-Profits, Amazon Web Services

“We commit to working with the ICMC, Caritas Uganda, the Ugandan government and key stakeholders, including the refugees as protagonists, to build up to five simple school structures in BidiBidi refugee settlement and engage with local partners to build dignified homes for up to 250,000 families forced from their homes by 2020. We also commit to exploring possible links to universities in order to facilitate higher (university) learning and eventual receipt of baccalaureate and graduate degrees for those students with advanced intellectual capacity; and exploring possible links with Ugandan government and other civil society leaders to advance the inclusion of refugee/migrants into the overall design  and implementation of the National Development Plan of the Government of Uganda, at national and local levels, as it implements its commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.” —Giovanni Tomaselli, Co-founder & CEO, IYC Capital

“We commit to launch a platform where everyone—from individuals and professionals to companies and family offices—will be able to provide grants to the top companies.” —Eva Sadoun, CEO,

“We commit to 1,000 screenings of Soufra by 2020, reaching 100,000 people to build bridges and change how we see one another, truly as brothers and sisters in one ‘global human family.’”—Thomas Morgan, Director, Rebelhouse Studios

“We commit to investing into two of the LSC18 companies, Chatterbox and Samasource.” —Reema Khan, CEO, Green Sands Equity

“Our family commits $10,000 per year for 10 years to the Nawras preschool in the Bourj el-Barajneh camp in Beirut, and we call on nine families to join us.” —Alexandra Harr


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